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At iOneMarketplace, our innovative products and services are designed to simplify the health benefits experience and maximize transparency for all parties involved.


Pre-Med Defender

As healthcare costs continue to soar, many employer groups have transitioned to high deductible health plans, potentially leaving employees and their families at risk with out-of-pocket expenses they simply cannot afford to pay. Pre-Med Defender is a Group Supplemental (“secondary”) Medical Expense Insurance Plan designed to cover those expenses.


Say goodbye to health plan hassle! iOneMed provides a seamless, fully-integrated health coverage experience that includes affordable, high-quality benefits backed by superior customer service and support. Even better—no more juggling multiple ID cards for different benefits. With iOneMed, ONE ID CARD can be used for everything, including pharmacy benefits!


iOneSafeguard Limited Benefit Health plans are a lower-cost option for employers who do not wish to participate in an expensive Major Medical plan, or for those who simply cannot afford to do so. iOneSafeguard plans are uniquely designed to accommodate the specific needs of employers and their employees. Most importantly, iOneSafeguard provides first dollar coverage that can be combined with other private insurance.


iOneSMARTCare is a convenient and affordable health coverage solution specifically designed for individuals. We combine accident benefits (urgent care/ER, hospital admission, surgery), prescription drug coverage (generic: $10, preferred brand: $30), and 24/7/365 telemedicine services. As one simple, streamlined solution, iOneSMARTCare gives members access to the reliable care they need, when they need it!


For employees needing an affordable medical and prescription coverage option for their families, iOneDependentCare is the smart solution. These dependent-only plans utilize leading PPO networks to give members substantial provider choices and access to high-quality healthcare services. With iOneDependentCare, employers can realize a significant reduction in medical insurance costs while providing employees with reliable family benefits. 


With our iOneBill automated solution, we UNITE multiple medical, supplemental and voluntary plan offerings into a single turn-key electronic and easy to use platform. OneInvoice, OneSystem and OnePoint of contact for all administrative needs. The iOneBill solution is not just a platform; it is a complete benefit administration, enrollment and management system.

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